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Phone: 972-429-4577

Phone: 972-429-4577

Our Event Logistics Services

Here at Southern Star Events we understand every detail is important in making sure your event is successful. You can depend on us to handle your every need…no matter how big or small! We provide custom-tailored consulting and logistical services to relieve the burden of the work load associated with planning and producing your upcoming events.

Our Clients Lean on Us for a variety of Logistics Services that Include:


Permit Procurement

Insurance Coverage


Creative Design

And Anything Else that Needs Done!

No matter how big or small the request, Southern Star Events Project Managers will make any need, want, or desire your group has the top priority!

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Event Design

Southern Star Events staff is specifically trained in all facets of event design. From the very beginning, our project managers will work with you in conceptualizing and capturing the vision you and your group have for the event. We will ensure all the details are covered allowing you to attend the event as a guest and not a worker. We are regularly involved in all aspects of the event including:

  • Site suggestions and procurement
  • Attendance approximations and budget forecasting
  • RSVP processes and pre-event communications
  • Event layout, parking, logistical, and emergency services
  • Unbelievable Entertainment Solutions
  • Complete Catering Solutions
  • Audio/Visual Solutions
  • Prizes
  • Safety Standards & Risk Management
  • and clean up and follow up after the event

Southern Star Events will be by your side guiding you every step of the way to a safe and successful event. You can count on us as your preferred event production partner, no matter what style of event you are hosting!

Event Management

Our staff is our greatest asset. Our professional Event Managers are the key to ensuring that the discussions in planning meetings actually come to life on the event site in a safe and efficient manner. The truth is that the equipment is important, and we have some great equipment. However, the equipment is nothing without the creativity of the Southern Star Events staff.

Our treasure chest of uniquely capable and highly qualified individuals is what truly sets us apart in our industry. Our Event Management Staff consists of full time and part time event professionals with many years of experience specifically trained in event management skills. Our event management staff is required to take part in extensive training programs ensuring the safest, smoothest, most customer focused event possible. Southern Star Events is built on a base of professionals that have dedicated their career to perfecting their craft in event management.

Site Procurement

Need an event site for your group? Don’t want to go to that same old place you have been going for the past several years, but don’t have the time to find a new location? Leave it to Southern Star Events to do the time-consuming research to find the perfect event site that best suits you and your group.

Not only will we locate the perfect site, but we’ll book it for you too! We have the knowledge to make sure no stone is left unturned regarding those issues you may not think of including; parking for your guests, permits and inspections required to operate within a city, county, or state, insurance coverage for you and the site…just to name a few.


Security and Risk Management

The safety of your guests is our #1 concern! Southern Star Events is dedicated to providing professional risk management and security options. It starts with naming you as additional insured on our A-rated insurance policy and continues with providing you safe, reliable entertainment solutions that we ensure are “show-ready”. Our professional Event Managers are highly trained, attentive, and responsive to any need that may arise throughout an event, so you don’t need to worry!

Southern Star Events can add to our security and risk management by providing local police, certified EMTs, fire & rescue, on-site security, and much more to give you the peace of mind you deserve!

Specialty Products

Southern Star Events takes pride in knowing that any request, large or small, is one we can handle with creativity, responsiveness, and reliability. From custom banners and logo’d items for attendance prizes, to tower light poles and temporary event fencing, you can rely on us to provide you with exactly what your needs are!

Custom Event Decor

Our creative project managers design activities, entertainment, and decor just right for your event. Caribbean theme? Winter Wonderland theme? Cruise ship theme? We can customize a party to one of your ideas, or you can simply choose from one of a number of themes we have already, and each theme can have a menu customized to the theme including catering & decor. With our creative and dedicated project managers any event can become a Southern Star Event!


Audio/ Video Production

Our goal is this simple: To ensure your message looks and sounds incredible. We have access to the newest and most cutting-edge audio and video production equipment in the industry. We bring all the right “toys” necessary to guarantee a smooth and successful production.

Our clients have come to rely on our staff to solve the most basic sound and video needs:

  • Boardroom meetings
  • Game Show Mania
  • DJ sound systems
  • Bingo and more!

We can also handle the most elaborate audio video productions seen in our industry:

  • National sales conventions
  • Site Wide Sound and video feeds
  • Custom-edited video
  • Even more intricate requests!

Most importantly is the highly skilled staff that designs and produces the events! You can count on our proven professionals to create a unique, one-of-a-kind event that sets you apart from the rest.


Tents, Tables and Chairs

Tenting can be one of the most important pieces of equipment on the day of your event! It becomes a common gathering area for families, it protects your guests from the weather conditions of the day, and is a beautiful way to add to the overall grand feel of the day. Let Southern Star Events set up your event with tents, tables, chairs, and any other supporting need you might have. We have tents to fit any size or style of event, from 10×10 pop-up tents, to custom logo’d tents, to 80×400 clear-span tents the size of a football field with double door entries, custom lighting solutions, the ability to heat or cool the interior of the tent, and decor to support any interior finish you desire! But, it doesn’t stop there. A safe, professional set-up comes standard with all inspection and permits required to ensure a safe and legal operation.

We have the ability to provide you with custom designed 3D tent renderings to help you visualize your event before we are even there!

Electrical Power Requirements

Southern Star Events can provide custom power solutions and resources that are safe and reliable for any size event. We have all the electrical power needs covered for you —whether the power supply is supplemental to what the event site already has or if we provide all the power, rest assured you will be taken care of properly.  We’ll even handle the permits and inspections!

Rest Room Facilities

Service, convenience, and quality are significant reasons why so many people trust and rely on Southern Star Events. We are committed to providing a top-notch, professional service on every level imaginable. Whether you need portable restrooms, ADA restrooms, hand-washing stations, specialty toilets, air-conditioned comfort stations, or other accessories, you know that you’re getting the same level of service from Southern Star Events. No matter what!